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team - small team
mvp - yes
idea - interesting
competitors - some
market - #reputation
Jan 4th 2018
6 months ago
Mar 5th 2018
4 months ago

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The Tru Reputation Network is the first truly decentralised ‘Proof of Reputation’ solution. leveraging a patent-pending Semantic Terms feedback algorithm the Tru Reputation Network solves the problem of ‘crowdturfing’ or otherwise non-genuine feedback, a problem that affects 14% of E-Commerce Spending each year (currently at $320.6 Billion). We have been quietly building out our solution and are now ready to take it to the public.

The Tru Reputation Network is not just a White Paper. A Private version of the Tru Reputation Protocol that underpins the Tru Reputation Network achieved significant success in the last 6 months. Trubador ( launched a private beta in June 2017 leveraging a private custom blockchain with the prototype of the Tru Reputation Protocol - it has currently got 16,000 monthly active users, process more than 300,000 transactions, reported over 1.1 million items of Semantic Feedback- with 0 synthetic reviews in that time.

The Tru Reputation Network allows the ability to persist your reputation between any platform within the Tru Reputation Network- allowing hard-earned reputation to follow users and businesses between the platforms they use. Through the Tru Reputation Token that is at the heart of the Tru Reputation Network, users & platforms who submit feedback are rewarded for their work; platforms wishing to query that reputation data pay in Tru Reputation Token. Holders of Tru Reputation Tokens will be eligible to receive 25% of the network fees proportional to their Tru Reputation Token fees, encouraging price stability and rewarding holders in the long term.



Ian Bray
Managing Director
Dr Patrick Stewart Bray
Caroline Draper
Marketing Director
Elizabeth Silva
Project Engineer
Michael Conway
Project Engineer


Matthew Murphy
VP, Global Technology; JP Morgan
Darron Antill
CEO; Device Authority
Richard Martindale
Area Service Manager; Ivanti Inc


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