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team - good team
mvp - yes
idea - interesting
competitors - few
market - #vr#e-commerce
Apr 20th 2018
2 months ago
Jun 8th 2018
13 days ago

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Imigize Service Blockchain (ISB) ecosystem aims to unite all players from the production and online clothing and footwear trade field. - Buyers - Online-retailers - Conventional stores - Suppliers, distributors - Makers - Rating agencies - Affiliated program partners - Internet search engines - Finance institutions - State regulators The forming factor of the Ecosystem is Imigize Service. It includes a patented technology of 3D measurements of the inner volumes of footwear and clothing and possibility to create 3D anthropometric models of end -buyers by iOS/Android App on mobile phone. Imigize Service makes the term "size" irrelevant to online shopping, allowing customers conveniently and easily to buy shoes and clothing online based on their digital anthropometric data. Imigize Service Blockchain builds one single information field between all participants of the ecosystem, removes the boundaries for online trade in footwear and clothing, boosts the trade and stimulates the production of comfortable shoes and clothes models.

Imigize Service Blockchain unites huge arrays of valuable data on anthropometric measurements of end buyers, comfort of footwear and clothes, data on models of footwear and clothes of global manufacturers and provides independent access to these data to all participants of the ecosystem. The Imigize project at the earliest stage of implementation has the ability to load into the ecosystem blockchain real sales data. This is, perhaps, an unprecedented case, when the sales statistics of the whole industry will be openly loaded in the blockchain. Imigize will be the first project that will make a global decentralized rating of the suitability and comfort of footwear and clothing, as well as the quality of online shopping service.


Valery G.Chernik
CEO, Imigize Group, Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Mike Tchernik
Director, Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Sergey Gavrilyuk
Chief Operating Officer, Imigize Group Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Borodin Dmitriy
Chief Information Officer, Imigize Group Everbright Innovations Hong Kong


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