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team - strong team
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idea - usual
competitors - many

Feb 11th 2018
4 months ago
Mar 11th 2018
3 months ago

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The future of portfolio investment
An unprecedented system that analyses traders' performance and compiles them into an individual portfolio according to a level of profitability and risk ratio set by you.
How it works
The investor chooses a level of risk and profitability that suits their needs as well as picking the assets they want to invest in.
There are expert settings for those who are familiar with the market, that include setting the drawdown, trading volumes, limitations and so on.
Win - Win
Scrinium reinvents portfolio investment in a way that is a 100% beneficial for all market participants. Every party involved receives significant profits from using Scrinium.


Sebastian Forbes
Finance Director
George Panzis
MBA – Trading/Dealing Expert
Alexey Taygin
System Architect
Ivan Savinov
Smart-contract and DAO developer
Matt Sevely
Social Media Advisor
Tatiana Shabanova
Board Member
Christina Constantinides
Regional Investor Relations Manager. Europe
Demetris Christou
BSc, MBA, ACCA – Risk/Compliance Manager


Larysa Borisova
Senior IT Consultant
Andreas Siapanis
Legal Council
Marcin Zduniak
Abhijith Naraparaju
Tomoaki Sato


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