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Jan 15th 2018
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Mar 26th 2018
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QUASA is a decentralized system which involves a blockchain and consists of several smart-contracts in the perimeter of the block chain and its own crypto currency. Such an approach takes the development of logistic technologies to a completely new level and ensures total security and privacy in the whole supply chain.
The functions of the system are designed to protect cargo owners and carriers through the blockchain and the smart-contract technology in order to eliminate possible problems related to trust, information barriers, and legal costs. The target audience of the service operates in b2b, b2c and even c2c models.
Logistics is associated with many aspects which are difficult to be taken into consideration in a single IT solution. That is why QUASA platform has helped to attract experts among the leaders in this field in order to avoid drawbacks overlooked by potential competitors.

Unlike many other similar projects which have been introduced to the market recently, QUASA is not just a clone created with no regard for the problems of the cargo shipping market, difficulties faced by cargo shippers, or carriers’ needs. Instead, QUASA provides end users with a new model for the cargo shipping organization with simple interface and enables making orders under as profitable conditions as possible with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

The product is not going to be used for a “forced” unification of all the processes in the existing and successful companies. Each company is offered to undergo accreditation according to the standards developed by the leaders and experts in the logistics field. Compliance with these standards gives access to all the solutions provided by the service. The company organizes cargo shipping without resorting to intermediaries. Thanks to the established IT solution, QUASA allocates orders so that carriers could use their means of transportation in the most efficient way. Such an optimization helps to increase the efficiency of carriers’ activities, thus raising their profits, and at the same time reduce transportation costs for cargo owners.

However, QUASA is unique primarily due to its economic system based on blockchain technologies, smart-contracts, and its own QuasaCoin crypto currency, designed to protect cargo owners and carriers. The use of blockchain technologies and smart-contracts will eliminate the problem of trust as well as information barriers and legal costs, which is described in more detail below.

In order to transport your cargo or become a provider of cargo transportation services on the QUASA platform, no special technical knowledge is required. After the approval of the moderators, any company can be admitted to transportation. Freight traffic is monitored upon request until the successful closing of the transaction. All actions are recorded in the blockchain, which excludes notrust between the parties; Smart-contract, which will be approved at the beginning of the shipment, will automatically perform a mutual settlement in accordance with the data stored in the blockchain.


Initially, the client enters information about delivery details of a certain cargo from one place to another at a particular time. The platform, that uses statistical and forecast data, provides the customer all aproximate costs and delivery plan for such services. If the client is satisfied with the main terms of the offer, he places an order for the  proposal formation.

In turn, the system distributes the basic transportation scheme among registered participants whose advertising and / or statistical profile allows them to participate in such a process of transportation. It also takes into account alternative delivery plans, where you can improve the price and / or time arrangments.309cefadac66716.jpegThe auction will appear in the interface of registered carriers in the form of a constantly updated news channel, which takes into account the current routes / statistics / plans of the carrier. Coming proposals are formed wihin an increase of price order, that is, from the lowest to the highest price. Therefore, the client can choose the final offer using the following filters: price, reliability of contractors (here the price can be higher); delivery speed; the balance between the various supply factors.

 Control over cargo shipping is exercised on request until the deal is successfully closed. All the actions are registered in the blockchain which excludes trust-lacking relations between the parties. The Smart-contract which is going to be agreed upon in the beginning of the shipment will automatically perform complete mutual settlements according to the data contained in the blockchain.

The introduction of the whole cargo shipping cycle into the functions of a single application will help QUASA to offer valuable services in the logistics market: business processes with the use of QUASA platform are backed with more profitable and safe warranties than direct interaction between cargo shippers and cargo owners.


QUASA is a platform that connects carriers and cargo owners. Our aim is to build a platform that gives the opportunity to organize every kind og trasportation 'in one click', through freight companies and with every kind of transport.  
Comparing to other similar projects on the market, QUASA is not just another blind project, that was created without any market research. We really understand carriers needs, that difficulties that cargo owneres face while ordering a delivery. So that QUASA launches new model of orginizing cargo transportation with the simple interface for end users and ordering service with the most profitable terms and conditions just in few clicks. The company orginises transportation without mediators. QUASA distributes orders in such a way that carriers can use the transport as efficiently as possible, because of the IT-solution that we have built. This optimization allows at the same time to increase effeciency of carriers work (thereby increasing their income), and to reduce the cost of transportation for cargo owners. However, first of all QUASA is unique by its economic system that is based on its own crypto currency Quoins. This system is designed to protect carriers and cargo owners and to implement new technologies based on blockchain supply management.


The project team which consists of logistics and IT specialists has developed a working prototype of the service. This enabled us to analyze market needs and compare them to the realization of the fully-fledged project.
- Calculation of tariffs from 18 international carriers.
- Calculation of air companies’ tariffs received through API or from own database.
- System of personal areas, including partner areas.
- Cargo exchange.
- Administrative panel.
The price is calculated with regard to all cargo parameters selected by the user.
The prototype includes basic functions of a QUASA cargo owner, which will be available in Q2 2018 already. Later on these functions will be complemented by modules designed for involving other participants of the logistics network.


QUASA - is a decentralized system which employs blockchain and consists of several smart-contracts within a blockchain and its own crypto currency.

The mission of creating QUASA is to solve all the problems described in the previous section and to establish a single place which will not only bring cargo owners and carriers together but will also form an active and modern community

QUASA technologies considerably reduce time, financial, and labor resources involved in the shipping process. At the same time new markets will open for the carriers while QUASA platform will become a benchmark of the quality of the services offered in the market. The substitution of centralized services with SMARTCONTRACT and BLOCKCHAIN technologies will ensure transparency in the logistics market. The generation of the commission will become clear, and prices for the services will be reduced thanks to open and transparent interaction between all participants of the supply chains.


The service will create:

unique environment for the development of the companies and their competition;
trust-based relations between partners and clients, since the service sets standards in the whole supply chain transparency, due to general access to the rating based on the smart-contracts fulfilled by the companies;
opportunity to penetrate new markets, since access to such markets is not limited by information or financial barriers, thanks to transparency;
consulting services and the provision of a tested business process model and tools for its implementation;
unique environment for the development of the companies and their competition;
trust-based relations between partners and clients, since the service sets standards in the whole supply chain transparency, due to general access to the rating based on the smart-contracts fulfilled by the companies;
opportunity to penetrate new markets, since access to such markets is not limited by information or financial barriers, thanks to transparency;
consulting services and the provision of a tested business process model and tools for its implementation.
However, unlike any other platform, QUASA enables its users to use another currency generated by the platform – Quasacoins.


Business processes which involve the use of Quasacoins will be backed by more profitable and safe guarantees than those provided by direct interaction between carriers and cargo owners. QUASA will provide the connected companies with its currency as guaranteed payment settlement means. For example, if there is lack of trust between shippers, carriers, and cargo receivers, a safer and more convenient option would be to use internal payments rather than fiat money which is associated with currency and other risks.

Quasa Coins

We have various ways of influencing the growth of QUA prices: each connected company is a newsbreak, with successful ones being even a greater newsbreak. Each time some company starts using QUA is positive news. We are planning to connect many such companies, and hence there will be a lot of positive news. We will always be the subject for discussion and thus will be able to influence the rate.

The value of our currency will be backed by real services offered by QUASA platform which is going to change the world’s perception of cargo transportation.

Imagine that you had an opportunity to join UBER right when it was launched. That is why we have absolutely no doubt that everything is going to be great. We settle the rules of circulation which will stimulate the demand due to unique services and privileges for the users, excluding the limited emission

In total, we have generated 241,750,000 QuasaCoins. QUA 11,100,000 will be spent for preICO, QUA 176,675,000 – for ICO, QUA 34,635,000 will be generated and divided between QUASA founders, while the remaining QUA 19,340,000 will be used for remunerating first investors, PR specialists, and advisers.

Quasacoins are not going to be mined by our users or other companies.


Carriers will benefit from the simplicity of connection and from the fact that on QUASA platform a community will be working which will be loyal to their services. QUASA system is much more attractive and profitable for everyone than any other existing system. This makes transportations organized on the platform considerably more efficient than any other transportation elsewhere.

For cargo owners the participation to any other platform will become several times more active since for their money they will obtain a 5-10% discount, and this is true for both transport services for cargos and services for cargo carriers. The use of QuasaCoins helps to eliminate most paperwork and intermediaries, which makes the services much less expensive.



Thanks to the above-described functions and principles, QUASA will create a synergy platform for companies from the classic logistics market 1.0 and their customers who have never before dealt with crypto currencies. Such intersection helps to achieve mutual benefits: freighters get new customers from previous unreachable audiences and sources, and customers get access to previously unknown to them campaigns and an easy way to transport their goods.

New technologies will help to eliminate problems related to lack of trust, as well as information barriers, and legal costs. This takes the development of logistic technologies to a completely new level and ensures total security and privacy in the whole supply chain.


Monetization of QUASA services takes place in the form of a payment at the last stage of each successful delivery and immediately increases the demand for tokens.

QUASA revenues are made up as follows:

Commission charges for any financial transaction in the perimeter of QUASA – 0.5% (by default).
Commission charges received from service providers – 0.1-5% or, on average, 3.0% (depending on the type of services to be provided).
Income from the first way of monetization - 0,5 % (by default) from each of financial transaction inside QUASA.

Note. By 2023 QUASA is planning to account for 1-2% of the world cargo shipping operations. Hence, the volume of financial operations of QUASA users for purchased logistic services is believed to amount to 1% * $1 trillion = $10 bln a year.

QUASA revenues:

0.5% from the above-mentioned transactions = $50 mln a year.

Income from the second way of monetization - 0,1% – 5% of commission received from providers' service.

QUASA platform unites all the interested parties in a single supply chain.

The platform is going to get:

commission from carriers;
commission from forwarders;
commission from insurance companies;
commission from 3PL operators;
payments for paperwork services;
for consulting service;
other side and in-built commercial services.
QUASA revenues:

In average 3,0% of the operations amount = 300,0 million dollars USD per year.

The price for the services will be fixed in QUA tokens by the time the platform is launched.

1 token will give the opportunity to purchase more and more services. In order to get access to all QUASA modules and functions, each connected company will be obliged to use the set of available services. Hence, the price of QUA tokens will be growing in parallel with the number of users. The use of QuasaCoins will be the necessary condition for working with the platform.

Our financial goals are defined by both the elaboration of new modules and the development strategy.

The development plan includes gradual elaboration and introduction of new modules. QUASA will perform the step-by-step implementation of the following modules: “air”, “sea cargo”, “truck”, “railway”, “bulk load”, and “warehouse”.

First of all, in the middle of 2018 the air module is going to be launched.
Then, truck and sea cargo modules are going to be introduced in the end of 2018 since they present the best trade-off between high demand for multimodal contracts and low difficulty of realization.
In 2019 the company will expand the range of its services by adding customs services and introducing the opportunity to organize delivery of bulk load cargos.
Together with the launch of new modules, state-of-the-art warehouse modules are going to be developed – the authorization of the companies which offer services based on logistic outsourcing (warehouse services and terminal operations).
QUASA railway module will be added in the end of 2020.
Strategy of regional development
QUASA service will be launched in the cargo transportation market in 2018.
Between 2018 and 2021 the services will be expanding, and the overall presence of the platform will embrace more than 200 cities across the world.
QUASA basic investment goal is to achieve capitalization equal to $100 mln by December 31, 2018.

The first operational goal is to launch the application and to achieve net income in the amount of $1 mln by the middle of 2019.

The second operational goal is to expand the application by means of introducing sea and client modules and to achieve net income equal to $10 mln by the end of 2020.

The third operational goal is to add warehouse and forwarding modules and to achieve income in the amount of $25 mln by the end of 2021.

The fourth and the fifth goals will be to ensure the turnover growth of the platform, increase the number of its users, and achieve income equal to $50 mln and $100 mln in 2022 and 2023, respectively.


QUASA issues 62,445,870 QUA tokens.

After the termination of ICO, additional tokens will be automatically given to Founders, Team, and Bounty members.

The volume of the raised funds (ETH, USD) is ETH 15,623 = (USD 18,747,500 at the rate of USD 1200 / ETH).

For convenience and due to constant ETH fluctuation, the rate has been chosen at the level of 1 ETH = $1200.

The total number of QuasaCoin (QUA) tokens is 50,769,000

From the total amount of 62,445,870 QuasaCoin (QUA) tokens intended for the general emission QUASA will submit 50,769,000 tokens for the sale through ICO at various price levels. Below is the description of these price levels:




The Founders’ tokens are intended to be given after the termination of ICO and blocked for 4 months with the help of smart-contract function.

At the first stage of the launch of the platform we accept only ETH crypto currency, but shortly other crypto currencies are going to be accepted as well. Later on (supposedly in May 2018) we will also accept USD, EUR, and other fiat currencies. The introduction of fiat money will considerably expand the audience of the project, and it is especially true for small logistic companies whose clients have not yet got used to using crypto currencies or do not simply know how to do that. Hence, we lower the threshold for the arrival of new people significantly, and at the same time each new company helps us to develop the logistics market and the crypto currencies market.

Use of gains:
- 65% formation of services described in the previous section;
hiring of new employees and bearing the expenses related to the corresponding development;
elaboration of the infrastructure for developing a logistics market 2.0 as well as developing the member community;
- 17% - overheads for launching preICO and ICO, bonuses for the developers
legal costs and other bureaucratic expenses;
bonuses for the founders and for the developers of the platform;
repayment of borrowings used for creating the platform;
- 10% return on investments made by investors on the earliest stages of project;
- 8% - payment of PR services used at preICO, ICO, and Release stages.

In order to avoid the collapse of QUA prices due to mass sales of the currency after the termination of ICO, all pools are frozen till the end of the campaign and will be subject to gradual defrost. Hence, QUA will be released to exchanges and markets gradually and their price will not collapse, unlike what has happened with many even big companies. The founders’ pool is frozen for the longest period of time – till July 7, 2018. This is how we show that we are making long-term plans and are not going to dispose of QUA as soon as possible. The freezing would have been even more massive but we presume that we may need QUA for making settlements and paying bonuses which cannot currently be foreseen.



1.    Standardization of the process of placing orders, which includes the elaboration of the technical solution for this process in the blockchain and the elaboration of a preliminary smart-contract. 
2.    Standardization of the process of closing deals, which includes the elaboration of the technical solution for this process in the blockchain and the elaboration of actual (real) smart-contract. 
3.    Standardization of the process of providing insurance services, which includes the elaboration of the technical solution for this process in the blockchain.
4.    Standardization of the process of providing additional services, which includes the process of connecting carriers to the service.
In other words, the full complex of services is foreseen for all the transportation modules. Standardization activities are being performed simultaneously with its technical realization.

  Components model
QUASA provides a convenient tool for managing and delivering cargos with the use of various modules for a logistic 2.0. The platform is based on the micro-architecture of the service. Some services can be provided by third parties.
Approximately 30 different duties and extra charges are based on the average freight rate which may seem rather cumbersome. Certain duties are hidden till the last minute. 
Since QUASA is engaged in facilitating deliveries, our rates include all expenses related to cargo services. This means that our rates include loading price, paperwork, and any other expenses related to the movement of your goods.
Besides, you can reject other related duties. For example, if you do not pay customs duties or you want to insure your cargo, you can choose the corresponding parameters in your menu, after which the chosen duties will be added.
During the whole process our cargo transportation specialists will be supporting you so that you could find the correct rate. They are also ready to answer all your questions during the shipment process.
In the presence of several in-built operational modules you will not have to pay more than you should. This helps to ensure the best price-quality ratio.
The chart below shows the existing modules which are present in the system.

Summary: Advantages Of QUASA

- Unlike the majority of other projects which go to ICO, we are conducting this campaign using our own prototype of the platform which was envisaged three years ago and has been under development for over one year already. Hence, unlike others, we have not only a general idea and a beautiful landing but also an already working project which you will be able to test in the near future.
- Cargo transportations are controlled upon request until the deal is successfully closed. All the actions are registered in the blockchain which eliminates lack of trust between the partners. Smart-contracts which are aligned in the beginning of each shipment perform automatic mutual settlement according to the data stored in the blockchain.
- We cover our users’ risks with our own crypto currency which is going to grow and can become not only a means of protection but also a promising investment opportunity.
- Online GPS tracking of locations with the use of blockchain technologies allows eliminating the risk of hidden damages;
- Own property rights. QUASA is going to provide suppliers with personal licenses by means of using contemporary DLT technology.
- Users can make payments from any place in the world, which is impossible on the competitors’ platforms where only fiat money is accepted.
- We accept payments in numerous crypto currencies as well as credit cards.
- Despite its technical sophistication, the platform is quite simple and convenient for its end users, so that even a child could learn how to work on it.



We believe that a great idea is just a part of the success of any project. Without a team of highly qualified specialists even the most unique and promising project may come to nothing. This is why we invited the specialists who have knowledge in all the fields used by QUASA. We would also like to note that our team has vast experience in launching projects and ensuring successful results.


Founder - Viacheslav Vasipenok

IT developer - Denis Krupnov:

IT Blockchain developer - Stanislav Sorokin:

Graphic Designer - Kseniia Morozova



We will be glad to see you in any of our communities.

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Viacheslav Vasipenok
Founder and CEO
Denis Krupnov
Chief of IT developing
Stanislav Sorokin
Chief of smart contract development
Kseniia Morozova
Graphic Designer / Brand Manager
Ratko Stambolija
marketing specialist


Alejandra de Gaustad
Adviser To The Board Of Quasa


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