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team - good team

mvp - yes 

idea - usual 

competitors - many 

market - #games

Dec 14th 2017
6 months ago
Jan 31st 2018
5 months ago

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Game Machine is the global open ecosystem for a game industry constructed on the basis of the blockchain technology. Game Machine will unite all participants of this market: gamers, developers, advertisers for the sake of development of the industry and improvement of quality of game products. Game Machine creates loyal gaming audience which generates cryptocurrency Gamefuel by means of the principle of limited Proof-of-Work (Limited-Proof-of-Work). Use of such an approach allows to limit access to infrastructure to not participants of the market. The game and advertising platforms are releasing on the basis of Game Machine which allows to to communicate directly with audience of gamers, developers and advertisers are implemented.


Taras Dovgal
Alex Isaev
Mariya Suvorina
Andrey Volkov
Lead Server
Nicolay Mydry
Lead client
Yaroslav Schehvatov
Android developer
Constantine Carpow
Head of digital marketing
Vladislav Pochukalin
Timur Djumagaziev
php developer
Vitaly Kabysh
Traffic manager
Alice Kosykh
Community manager
George Plutakhin


George Basiladze
CEO cryptopay
Andrey Milosh
IT consulting expert
Max Lusta
CEO Gamebeets
Andrey Moskvitch
IPS consulting
Eugene Ulyanov


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