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team - good team

mvp - yes

idea - interesting 

competitors - many 


Nov 27th 2017
8 months ago
Dec 18th 2017
7 months ago

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A revolutionary way to buy and sell shares


The global equity market needs to be disrupted – now’s the time and we’re the ones to do it. 

The maturity of blockchain technology has converged with user expectations for a quick, easy and free way to raise capital and buy and sell shares.

Join us to disrupt the equity market

We stand for any business who wants to raise capital to grow.

We stand for any investor who wants to buy shares in businesses they believe in.


What if buying and selling shares was easy?  It is with Chainium.

We’ve built a platform for business owners and investors to buy & sell shares. It’s built using blockchain which means that we can directly connect the business owner and the investor, with no middlemen. Business owners, of private and public companies, can now sell shares directly to investors. 



Download our app now…see the investor experience for yourself.


Sascha Ragtschaa


Yana Afanasieva
CEO and Founder of Competitive Compliance
Mark Westcott
Co-Founder ShadowFall Capital & Research


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