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bookmark7 /10
team - mid-level team
mvp - yes
idea - usual
competitors - some
market - #Communication #Platform
Nov 19th 2018
in 4 months
Dec 19th 2018
in 5 months

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A solution for Bounty hunters. For ICO. For blockchain community. For everyone.

Our task is to create the platform that will automatically control activities of the Bounty Hunters and calculate their remuneration, automatically upload a report for the distribution of tokens and define efficiency and input of each Bounty Hunter into the campaign. Apart from the development of advertising tools, the platform will create an easily accessible pool of qualified advisors, software developers, designers and other specialists necessary to implement a project.

We do not start a revolution; we do not change the world. We create a highly demanded market product; we will do something that helps blockchain community gain reputation and money and improve lives of many people.

Simplicity. Quality. Fair reward. These are Bounty Angels key points.

Main features of Bounty Angels Platform are: training guidelines, the rating system for involved hunters, automatic search of activities, a very strict selection process for projects, an option of professional audit and building strategies for projects, bounty reward in tokens is higher than a reward on freelance marketplaces.



Anatoly Krasovsky
Andrew Tar
Nikita Varlygina
PR Manager
Alen Ismailov
UX / UI / IA Designer
Vladimir Alekseenko
Back-end Developer
Vadim Novikov
Front-end Developer
Max Sofiiskiy
Community Manager
Nikolay Sadonin
Bounty Manager


Yaroslav Belkin
PR / Marketing
Kseniya Zhuravleva
Product Development
Andrey Antonovich
Legal Support


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