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team - strong team

mvp - no

idea - interesting

competitors - high

market - #advertising

Dec 14th 2017
6 months ago
Jan 22nd 2018
5 months ago

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Adbank is a powerful online ad platform built on Ethereum to remove costly middlemen & dramatically reduce the $50 billion problem of ad fraud using advanced AI technology. By using the Adbank platform, publishers can get paid more for their content while charging advertisers less and creating a transparent ecosystem that benefits all key stakeholders in the industry. Existing ad platforms will be able to access cutting edge anti-fraud AI tools through Adbank’s API and powered with ADB tokens. 

The project is led by a team with Fortune 500 experience working with companies such as Exxon Mobil, NASA, Revlon, L’Oreal, Tesla Motors, the FBI and General Motors. 


Jon Gillham
CEO & Co-founder
Chiron Bramberger
CTO & Co-founder
Kelsey Cole
CBO & Co-founder
Angelo Dodaro
CMO & Co-founder
Leon Periera
CCO & Co-founder


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