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Sep 1st 2017
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Oct 1st 2017
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What is Zloadr?

Zloadr is the first viral digital news media publishing platform on the blockchain powered by influencers and bounty hunters; designed to distribute content and grow income for content creators around the world.

Using Tokens Within the Platform

Tokens perform stronger than fiat currency, encouraging advertisers to purchase tokens when taking up services listed below within the Zloadr platform. • Job Posts (Tokens allow job ads to last 5 times longer than equivalent in USD) • Business Listings (Tokens allow business listings to last 7 times longer than equivalent in USD) • Classified Ads (Tokens allow classified ads to last 5 times longer than equivalent in USD) • Display Adverts (Tokens allow image and display ads to last 3 times longer than equivalent in USD)

Why Have Interest in Zloadr?

Although, there are creators and media companies out there doing well in earning significant revenue from advertising and positioning, were noticing a current trend as time goes by, where major organizations are now positioning themselves to completely increase their foothold in as many content industries as possible, leading to lower income and presence for media companies and creators who earn a living outside of these major organizations platforms. This white paper focuses on where and how Zloadr is positioned to innovate in this fast changing landscape; by empowering media companies and creators with tools to publish in as many formats as possible, earn significant revenue, reach new audiences and compete on the same level as favored media publishing outfits by the said major organizations. Another focus of Zloadr is to tap into the growing ad market and allow advertisers to reach and target their desired audience with clarity and transparency via blockchain technology.

Who is Zloadr Built for? Part 1

CREATORS (Publishers, Authors & Agents) The blockchain publishing platform is designed primarily for creators to earn income from their content. Creators are provided with tools and analytical user interface to help improve their overall understanding of how their content is making waves and where improvement can be applied. For every content with a value, a smart contract is set in place to honor services provided by third parties. CONTRIBUTORS (Writers & Journalists) The Zloadr platform works as a marketplace where contributors are given options to submit material and content to existing publications, projects and brands for a fee. A smart contract is set in place between the creator and the contributor for services rendered. Contributors are compensated by the creator in tokens or fiat currency.

Who is Zloadr Built for? Part 2

ADVERTISERS, BRANDS & BUSINESSES The advertiser can use ZDR tokens on the platform, the tokens carry a much stronger weight than fiat currency and have more of a value, meaning that using ZDR Tokens will allow ads and listings to stay much longer on the platform than fiat currency. Advertisers can place various types of ads in different formats within specific sections of the Zloadr platform. CONNECTORS (INFLUENCERS) These are individuals who are rewarded in ZDR tokens or traditional currency, in return for sharing or selling content. A smart contract is set in place between the Zloadr’s creator and the connectors for services rendered. Connectors are recruited and subjected to tight criteria’s before they can assume the role of a connector.


Sam Williams
Nakul Shah
Blockchain & Smart Contract Consultant:
Anandan Pandurangan
Solidity Developer
Tannaz Kowssari
Advertising & Content Specialist


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