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Sep 27th 2017
8 months ago
Nov 16th 2017
6 months ago

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About project

WORDCOIN raise funds to launch new decentralised freelance platform WordExpert (WE) with the sole cryptocurrency WORDCOIN, 100% of which will be issued at the first day of PRE ICO. The company has a robust strategy to grow the exchange rates of WORDCOIN, Following the WE establishment, the platform will aim to attract many users from around the world. Due to the absence of agency fees, contractors will earn more and customers pay less. Users will learn about WE, thanks to a large-scale, robust PR campaign and they will be incentivized to register and carry out initial transactions using WORDCOIN rewards. WORDCOIN tokens have a maximum cap of 10 million coins, and these coins will be the only currency accepted on the platform. The growth in value of coins with an increase in the number of users is predicted to show correlation with Ethereum's growth rate following the ICO.

Why our project is special

The services provided by our platform are in high demand and give multiplicative effect (writing, translation, posting, etc. on the same resource). The current market capitalization in this area reaches $250 billion. As Word Expert is a decentralized exchange, it will significantly decrease transaction costs, and the service prices will be greatly reduced because of lack of agent fee. Considering these advantages, Word Expert will be attractive for users, as authors will earn more and clients will pay less for the most demanded resources on the Internet.


Pavel Burtsev
Founder and CEO
Dariya Niyazova
PR manager
Dimitry Kotov
Vlad Belousov
Web Designer
Andrey Ustinov
Andrew Golyanov
Multi-Language Translations Provider
Sergey Vorobin
Hardware architector


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