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Sep 10th 2017
9 months ago
Oct 9th 2017
8 months ago

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The Wolk ecosystem is powered by the WOLK token.

The Wolk Protocol, developed by the Wolk Foundation, aims to meet the challenges in buying and selling data using Ethereum-based tokens, working in conjunction with a decentralized data storage mechanism based on Swarm. Blockchains are a powerful distributed ledger running behind a large distributed set of nodes on the Internet all working in concert to verify transactions submitted and stored on that ledger. Many are familiar with the dominant cryptocurrency of Bitcoin, but Wolk uses the cryptocurrency Ethereum for its programmable "smart contracts".

The Wolk Ecosystem consists of:

● Wolk Foundation, a non-profit Swiss Foundation promoting the development of the Wolk Protocol for decentralized data exchange ● Wolk API Service Providers, for profit entities working with data suppliers and data buyers to use the Wolk Protocol in APIs ● Data Buyers, who get data in exchange for WOLK ● Data Suppliers, who get WOLK in exchange for quality data ● Data Scientists, who get WOLK in exchange for analyzing data ● Consumers, who are what the data is about


Sourabh Niyogi
CEO and Wolk Foundation President
Sonia Gonzalez
General Manager and Wolk Foundation Council Member
Harish Thimmappa
SVP of Revenue
Rodney Witcher
SVP of Product & Business Development
Michael Chung
Product Manager and Protocol Developer
Mayumi Matsumoto
Data Scientist and API + Protocol Designer


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