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Oct 2nd 2017
9 months ago
Nov 3rd 2017
8 months ago

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What is VOTES?

VOTES is an international platform for taking votes of any level. It uses Blockchain technologies and smart contracts providing transparency and honesty of polls, votings, elections, testings, and other activities on the base of the platform. VOTES is based on the project. More than 10 mln people have become the users of the service during the whole time of its existence. Among the system’s clients there are such large companies as Samsung, Bosch, Adidas and tens of thousands of other companies.

What problem does VOTES solve?

The need for honest and open expression of the will of citizens has always existed in the world. Corporations conducted special sociological researches with controversial results to influence the sales of their products. Votings at shareholders’ meetings were falsified to guarantee election of certain people to the board. Political parties forged election results for their candidates to hold public offices. The main problem resided in centralized recording and storage of information about the votes. This problem is solved by VOTES platform with smart-contracts and the Blockchain technology thanks to the decentralized infrastructure.

Why is it worth investing in VOTES?

We are confident in the continued growth of the value of VOTES tokens. 80% of the funds collected under ICO are intended to be invested in marketing and attracting customers. They will create a demand for tokens, which are required for organizing voting and elections on the platform. To assess the market, look at a major American service for conducting online surveys - Its annual revenue is $150 million, and its capitalization exceeds $2 bln. At the same time, VOTES also covers the segment of online voting organization for boards of directors, organization of tests, examinations in educational institutions and state elections.


Aleksandr Khasanov
Aleksey Zuzin
Ivan Yundev
Aleksey Povetkin


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