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Dec 4th 2017
8 months ago
Jan 4th 2018
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Visacoin (VCX) is an open source, peer-to-peer platform where you can buy, sell and lend VCX with other members in a reliable community. Visacoin is not meant to be a company or a financial institution, but functions as a community.

Visacoin's mission is to make VCX the main payment system in use by the world. The spread of VCX use and acceptance is made by providing this peer-to-peer community where all members interact directly with each other. To accomplish this, several modules are designed to connect you to our marketplace. Some of these modules include Buying, Selling, Lending, and Listings services.


Additionally, with the emergence of more and more different tokens, a growing number of users and businesses truly struggle to leverage on the existing infrastructure to make this interconnectedness of physical and virtual platforms become a reality.


At VCX, we strive to offer the user access to as large as possible a range of blockchain assets at a maximum degree of convenience, while adhering to the highest security standards in the ecosystem. We are able to do this by connecting blockchains, leveraging on the COMIT network, including the COMIT Routing Protocol and the Cross-chain Payment Channels, which works in a completely trustless, instantaneous and low-cost manner. For further information on the COMIT network, including the COMIT Routing Protocol and the Cross-chain Payment Channels.


Visacoin operates in the same mechanism as Bitconnect, one of the most successful ICO projects. If you have a closer look and analysis, it can be easily seen that Bitconnect is the fastest-growing currency and has been on top 15 of the CoinMarketCap. That makes Visacoin ICO a potential and promising investing opportunity you shouldn't miss.



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