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team - strong team

mvp - yes

idea - usual

competitors - medium

market - #dating

Mar 14th 2018
3 months ago
Apr 13th 2018
2 months ago

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Viola.AI is the World’s First A.I-driven Marketplace for Dating and Relationships with Real Business Backing of 13 years. Harnessing on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and trustless Smart Contracts, Viola.AI is set to revolutionize the dating and relationship space in the world.


Viola.AI will be the first dating and relationship A.I. that evolves with the users - creating a global and borderless full loop solution from dating, courtship, relationship to marriage. With the capability to perform deep learning about each user’s personality, background and behaviour, Viola.AI can give them the most relevant and valuable advice, as well as proactively prompt couples before any important relationship milestones and help them solve their challenges early.


Core Capabilities of Viola.AI

  • Relationship Advices & Solutions Personalised and discreet with Machine Learning

  • Real-ID Verification Decentralized with Visual Recognition

  • Recommendation-based Marketplace Curated content, goods and services

  • Community Support Crowd wisdom for queries and problems

  • Smart Contract & Wallet Secure and efficient transactions

  • Core Services Integration 3rd party connections to Viola.AI


Viola.AI - AI and Blockchain Project with Real Business Backing

Viola.AI is an AI and Blockchain project with real business backing based in Singapore. Viola.AI is the brainchild of the founders of Lunch Actually Group, Violet Lim (CEO) and Jamie Lee (President). Lunch Actually provides dating services to professional singles. Since Lunch Actually was started 13 years ago in Singapore, the business has now grown to have presence in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan. Over the years, Lunch Actually has developed offline, online and hybrid dating products, including Lunch Actually, Lunch Actually Academy, MeetnLunch, LunchClick, Available, eSync and Peerage ( premium dating service for VIP). We have built our client base of about 1.4 million users and these will be the first group of people to be introduced to Viola.AI. The team of Viola.AI is very committed and determined to bring the first AI and Blockchain love advisor and marketplace to the world.



Violet Lim
Co-founder & CEO
Jamie Lee
Co-founder & Business Development Head
Zam Ong
Co-founder & A.I. & Crypto Protocol Architect
Nikki Assavathorn
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Martti Dumangeng
Blockchain & Technology Solutions Head
Bryan Chu
Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics Scientist
Li Yhee Chin
Business Development & Partnerships
Christina Thung
Head of PR
Fred Lacorte
Head of Community Management


Lisa Clampitt
Wong Hong Ting
Dato Larry Gan Nyap Liou
Bruno Vanryb
Michael Reece
Philippe Rodriguez


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