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Nov 1st 2017
7 months ago
Feb 26th 2018
3 months ago

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Ventureon (VNN) is a token created by Hypercube Ventures for startups financing. ICO Ventureon is absolutely legal project, which does not contradict SEC norms. While passing Howey Test, Ventureon scored 30 points, which is an excellent result and proof of legality. The token is diversified by the Hypercube Ventures projects pool, which are already ready for launch. Value of the token is tied to the starting price of these projects. They have real business model and passed a qualitative Due Diligence, which is held by fund experts. The market value of projects grows as they launch and develop, and the cost of VNN increases accordingly. The purchase of VNN gives a multiple growth in assets in a shorter period of time than Bitcoin. Buying VNN you also get security for your investments. All contributions to the VNN token will be insured by First Venture Insurance and, in case of failure, will be fully compensated. Ventureon's perspectives are confirmed by 5 experienced experts from the Top 100 Blockchain Insiders list, and other influential personalities in the field of Blockchain, Fintech, I-Commerce, Digital and Finances.


Vitalii Serbulenko
Managing Partner, Marketing Expert
Anton Sobor
Managing Partner
Vladimir Malakchi
Public Relations
Dietmar Gutgarts
Attorney at law
Dmitrii Zakharov
Chief developer
Alex Karelov
Graphic & UI/UX design
Irina Veretennikova
Key Account Manager


Simon Cocking
Senior Editor Irish Tech News | Fintech specialist
Toni Lane
Artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry
Desmond Marshall
Investor+Advisor: ICO full process, IPO biz model/plans packaging, blockchain
Paul Francis
Blockchain, ICO, Digital and Crypto Currency Enthusiast
Kristian T. Sørensen
Fintech Advisor / Investor
Li XiangJun
Blockchain/Fintech Evangelist
Vivek aka Vivekomon
Influencer\Startup Ninja\Bitcoin-er
Alex Manoylo
Blockchain enthusiast, Business Development
Steven Krohn
Website Traffic Generation ✦ Social Media Influencer ✦ Sales Expert ✦ Online Marketing Consultant
Dmitrii Plakhov
Coordinator of St.Petersburg Blockchain Developers Community


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