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Incentive structures are a critical piece of decentralized organizations and, when done well, drive behavior and interaction to produce the best results for a platform. Vega's incentive structure is made with a few goals in mind, namely: encouraging voting and the discovery/creation of funding opportunities via rewards and penalizing spam or other malicious behavior. To achieve this, the incentive structure is comprised of three main components - creator's deposits, finder's fees, and voting rewards. Token Deal Structures are smart contract standards for an array of different token sale structures and crowdsale options. Vega will develop and encourage the development/usage of these structures to standardize methods of crowdsale and improve security for both sellers and buyers. These Token Deal Structures come in a variety of forms, such as Dutch Auctions, Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFT), and more

The Developer Funding Initiative (DFI) is a mechanism via which Vega Token holders can seek out and fund platform upgrades upon identification of a problem. The DFI plays a critical role in creating platform autonomy and security. Additionally, by providing a funding base for developers we can simultaneously support the exploration of the Ethereum platform's potential and the refinement of individual developer's skill-sets from the grassroots level. Vega is a 'public utility' in a sense - a fee-free platform aiming to provide a mechanism for higher standards and better funding without getting in the way of users. ​ Being a Vega Token holder entitles you to voting rights for funding decisions and other platform functions The Vega community will be able to fund fixes to issues in Vega's contracts. Over time Vega will be phased into full autonomy.


William Russell
Founder/Business operations
George K Van Hoomissen
Founder/Head developer
Arthur Lunn


​Ben Conte
Mikko Ohtamaa


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