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team - unknown
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market - #Investment #Platform
May 1st 2018
3 months ago
Aug 1st 2018
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Our unique business model is simple, the price of UPS tokens increase hourly. This price increase is released to the market yearly in advance UPS token growth. Investors are able to invest with a high level of confidence as they can see exactly what that value will be at a set time in the future. Any time UPS tokens are sold we burn 1% out of circulation. This is what creates the underlying value of UPS tokens.

Traditional exchanges just don’t work with the concept of a fixed price increase. We’ve radically rethought the fundamentals of exchange and come up with a long term investment model that works while also creating a thriving trading environment for the UpStake community.

Before investing it’s important you understand these core differences and how they impact token holders. The 4 key elements are explained in detail below; Price Lock Guarantee - Hourly UPS tokens increase in value, this is automatically set on the exchange each hour. The rate of increase is disclosed in detail on the UpStake website for the first 18 months and will be updated yearly in advance. 1 Hour trading sessions - Each hour the exchange resets allowing customers equal opportunity to either buy or sell UPS tokens at the set price. Our exchange model is based on ‘first come first served’. Sequencing - At the start of each hour (UTC SYSTEM TIME) the exchange will automatically reset, at the end of the count down (30 seconds) the exchange will be open for trade at the new price. Once open for trade customers will all equally have an opportunity to buy and sell, requests are handled in milliseconds and cued on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. Fees - Customers can sell UPS tokens at any time for a small fee of 3%, this fee is split up into the following: Affiliate fees 1%, Administration 1%, Burned UPS tokens 1%.


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