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team - very strong team 

mvp - no 

idea - interesting 

competitors - low 

market - #infrastructure

Oct 28th 2017
8 months ago
Nov 30th 2017
7 months ago

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Universa Blockchain  is a protocol and a blockchain platform for creating business applications aiming at solution of real sector economy problems. Universa digitalizes the processes of contracting, providing services and property rights management. It is possible to process 22 thousand operations per second on the platform. The platform offers low transaction cost (ten times cheaper than Ethereum); a simple API for integration with ongoing business processes. The scope of application varies from electronic access keys to direct bank settlements. ApexFree is a platform for cross-cutting integration and consolidation of software products, technologies, services, robots and solutions to obtain synergies from the integration and automation of business processes for professional services provision. The key architect and project manager is Ilya Petrov.

The ICO start on 28 of October.


Alexander Borodich
Universa Team
Lead Developer


John McAfee
Yale ReiSoleil
Dmitry Finkelstein


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