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team - unknown
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Platform #Finances
Jul 3rd 2018
19 days ago
Dec 31st 2018
in 5 months

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Ultroneum is a Cashless Global Multi-Financial Services Mobile Gateway where it proposes cashless lifestyles. Payments and transactions can be fulfilled using both supported cryptocurrencies and supported conventional currencies as interchangeable financial methods.


    • -Ultroneum is the backbone of a new, proposed financial platform.
    • -Have the ability to support both conventional and crypto currencies.
    • -Ultroneum Tokens (XUM) acts as the common enabler for other currencies for both crypto and conventional method.
    • -A Cashless Ecosystem that made it easier for all individual, business transactions and exchanges.

Practice a friendly approach for easier adaptation especially for non-cryptocurrency consumers to get used to virtual currency ecosystem. Has the same feature-like as a conventional financial management system. The seamless Ultroneum ecosystem becomes the unique blockchain solution for community, enterprises and government institutions.



Adnan Khashoggi
Malek Othman
Silmi Rahman
Executive Chairman


Mr Simon Cocking
Mr Nazri Abdullah
Technical Development Advisor
Dr Farrukh Habib
Shariah and Islamic Finance Advisor


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