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bookmark7 /10
team - good team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Platform #Banking #Investments
Apr 23rd 2018
2 months ago
Aug 24th 2018
in 2 months

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Ubanx is the one-stop blockchain place. By deploying a network of prime brick-and-mortar locations, Called Ubanx Spaces, Ubanx connects a mainstream audience to the best blockchain ecosystem of products, services and benefits in the industry, ensuring friendly, secure, frictionless and compliant experiences. Ubanx is a platform where businesses can offer their product and services through the spaces, and the average consumer enjoys this ecosystem becoming part of the Ubanx community. Ubanx bridges the gap between the mainstream and the blockchain world.


Pablo Orlando
Janes Cochesa
Gaston Cartier
Nic Bayerque
Head of Partnerships
Maximo Cartier
Chief Product Officer


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