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team - mid-level team
mvp - yes
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #gaming
Mar 15th 2018
in 17 days
Jun 1st 2018
in 3 months

TruePlay platform - blockchain solution for gambling projects


1.Receiving payments in different cryptocurrencies
Utility token WinCoin is a way into the crypto community and acceptance of cryptocurrency in any gambling project.

2. KYC and AML participants check
Verified gamers stay logged in all the projects.

3. Transparency in all the transactions
Wincoin for webmasters - transparency in all transactions and control over finances of all gamers brought in.

4. Games honesty control based on the blockchain technology
TruePlay in games - honesty control based on the blockchain technology. All games results are generated before the start and their hash is saved on the blockchain. After the game is played, gamer can verify hash results with those on the blockchain.  

5. Turn-key solution for all projects, including that of the platform itself
TruePlay also offers turn-key solution with integrated games, wincoin, honesty control!
Gamingtec already launched a fully functioning project based on the TruePlay platform -

6. Licensing and games from top international providers
TruePlay - games from top game providers and license from international gambling regulators


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