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Jul 4th 2017
a year ago
Aug 15th 2017
9 months ago

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Welcome to the latest generation of cryptocurrency smart contract tokens – Travelcoin (TRV). The Travelcoin blockchain integration strategy has the potential to revolutionize the travel industry as it will allow travelers, agencies and transportation systems to come together in Travelcoin’s self-sufficient ERC20s ticketing platform. The travel and tourism industry is among the world’s biggest industries. In 2016 the travel sector had a global economic contribution of $7.6 trillion and the ticketing industry continues to grow with companies such as TicketMaster reaching record breaking profits in the billions. The travel industry sizes compares as follows: • 7 times more than automotive manufacturing; • 5 times more than the global chemicals industry; • 4 times more than the global banking industry.

When rolled out in accordance to our projected roadmap, the Travelcoin smart travel platform plans to disrupt the worldwide travel industry for the everyday commute as well as the vacations get away. It will deliver transparency by removing transaction overheads due to currency conversions, help avoid potential double spending as seen in travel bookings and ensure real time booking due to Blockchain smart contracts. Travelcoin is envisioned to deliver long term value to its owners. No tokens will be issued after the ICO crowd-sale thereby placing a limit on the supply. As the Travelcoin enabled eco system grows, the utility of Travelcoin will rise automatically. The intrinsic value of the token is deemed to increase accordingly. Travelcoin (TRV) is a blockchain protocol that is customized for the travel industry using smart contract technology.


Emal Safi
Director, CEO
Jason Coles
Director, CFO
Tariq Habib
Executive Chair & CTO
Peter Nemeth
Business communications and marketing
Lavi Malik
Full stack developer
Sing Tu
Real time automation and security


Pearce Nemeth
Strategy Advisor


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