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Jan 16th 2018
7 months ago
Jan 29th 2018
7 months ago

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A decentralized loyalty program and newly constructed ecosystem for customers tired of all those loyalty cards, coupons, codes, as well as universal solution for the businessmen, who want to achieve lead building instead of cost-generating programs based on simple loyalty. Imagine one environment, with one standard for the loyalty campaigns in form of a token, that is trade able and exchangeable for any good and money. It stands for the value itself and core benefits for users (both customers and business).


Chosen benefits


You can be anonymous in loyalty programs.

This ecosystem is decentralized, which means you have the control what you do with the tokens.

Token is the money, independently from loyalty campaigns.

You can exchange token to goods (token as a ticket).

Tokens are always valid.

You can build teams and relations: social trade of tokens plus group purchases or group participations in campaigns.

You can be the merchant making own campaigns or realize campaigns for others (additional profit)


Prepaid = pay per lead

Control over the budget = no entry costs

Modifications of the campaigns


Switch on/off campaign at any time (customers do not lose their tokens)


Social mechanisms create greater propagation (Like ad based on words and social network portal connected together)


Full chain data mining based on blockchain (effects check)


You can be in the position of the customer (as part of the ecosystem, you can engage several campaigns into one, build alliances)


This is related to the idea of connecting interest of customers (mostly decentralization, anonymity and “I want more!”) together with interest of business (“I want to know what I am paying for”) in the centralized model.


We want to build one standard for loyalty programs in form of the token, that has its nominal value (anybody can cash-out of the system) and specially programmed added value (in form of goods, pr actions, etc.).


You decide what you do with your loyalty points!


One global system for loyalty programs and collection of points


One global system for any branch and service


One mobile system to collect loyalty points in form of tokens


Exchange of points in form of tokens in different shops


Discounts for shopping


Payouts into bank accounts or special credit card


Points never get outdated


Anonymous exchange between users


Multiple campaigns to select


You can build own campaigns


What is the main problem in the World in terms of loyalty programs and how we will solve it?


The main problem of customers lies in this, that loyalty points aren’t money and are governed through centralized organisms – merchants. The main problem of merchants is that loyalty programs are costs and there is no tool combining marketing gamification schemes with such loyalty scheme.


Our solution:


Decentralization – anyone can be the merchant and customer at the same time! Only users decide where to participate




Points are token, token is money - Decentralized network of the token gives opportunities to cash-out the way you want




Pay per lead for merchants - Any ecosystem user may be the Overlay user


-          Decentralization of the ecosystem (Merchants will have to attract the users of the ecosystem to join campaigns, while ecosystem users have free will to join in. Also any customer may be in the position of a merchant, building own campaigns).


Decentralization gives opportunity to be in a position of both sides. Anyone can use tokens to build an Overlay on the basis of LOYAL (TOKENLOYALTY.IO) token or use our project to make own campaigns in the Overlay. The advantage of our Overlay is that It will aggregate merchants into one ecosystem. This is very important because of the behavior of customers as loyalty program users and merchants, who want to operate freely – either in ecosystem (SMEs) or individually, which is very often used in corporations.


As our study shows in group of loyalty program users, main problem is that any effort they make to collect points (and that effort is even to use 2-3 clicks in the application) must be granted with “prize”. We have made a simulation of effort and people divide into several groups, however there are common things like “money, prize”.


We have made a PAPI on selected respondents: group under 25 years old and a group above 30 years old. This study was made in June and July. Group <25 N=8/ Group>30 N=17


-          Points are token, token is money. Our study showed that for one of the groups (major one) basic functionality will be to collect money and have ability to realize them in partner network of shops, services etc. HOWEVER, if the effort is granted with good prize, they are changing into aggressive lead generating officers based on social mechanism. This is based on activation of users that is based on gamification mechanisms.


-          Pay per lead. For merchants it is very important to have return from the investment. In traditional loyalty programs it is all about costs. For example, points are calculated such way to generate demand on products with highest margin to “get something” from their price and lower the basic costs of the program. But customers are not stupid, as well as they would like to have freedom in collection of points on things they really want to buy. This is why we have thought about an ecosystem where merchants pay per leads (any user active in the campaign is a lead), which is closer to marketing based systems than loyalty programs.


What is the product?


It is a decentralized loyalty program and newly constructed ecosystem for customers tired of all those loyalty cards, coupons, codes, as well as universal solution for the businessmen, who want to achieve lead building instead of cost-generating programs based on simple loyalty.


We have established cooperation with two crucial partners for the project. Divante has a huge experience in e-commerce solutions, while other company has a great experience in banking software and mobile solutions. Together with our team specialist, we will realize the Overlay for the ecosystem. We have managed to prepare a pre-alpha of the Overlay that will be strongly modified due to assumptions of the whitepaper and customers’ experience.

Admin Panel:
User Panel:
Seller Panel:

Logins and passes will be announced in the closed, Facebook group, on demand. Please, join the group for further info. Registration in the demo version is locked (admin accepted).




To become the leading environment for the loyalty campaigns that may be set up globally not only locally.

Grzegorz Sperczyński

Role in the project: CEO

Author of a book on assets building in early-stage companies. Ex co-founder of seed capital and VC fund. Took many roles in project management of new (own-established and contracted), innovative projects. Founder of the Rcpartners initiative that helped to implement new technologies on and of foreign markets (i.e. Cada Casa system, Krauck Systems, and more). Specializes in preparations for investments, reconstruction of business, networking support in sales, strategic consulting and business model.



Grzegorz Rutkowski

Role in the project: CMO

Managed many own businesses based on direct sales (i.e. owned call center solutions, MLM solutions). Most of these businesses were scaled up and sold to investors that enabled for further evolution for such projects. Has a huge networking possibilities in China and northern Poland. Responsible for direct contacts with partners.

Juri Koniwszczyński

Role in the project: CTO

Senior web developer, frontend developer, server administrator. Proven experience design user experience in application, testing user behavior accumulation and analyzing data. My experience base on 3 years work as server administrator, and security administration in few startups, 5 years work as backend programmer and frontend developer in big and small startups and 5 years in big corporate company from e-commerce. Also I tried work in Microsoft call center for working with people and get more experience in communications. Long time experience work in team, also I tried different methodologies like Scrum, Agile and combinations Scrum with Agile. Knowledge of startup development and managing in the early stages of development.

Iwona Sperczyńska

Role in the project: Twitter communication

Project Manager that implemented Soho solutions in relations to customers business solutions. Participated in the role of the Project Owner, combining it with customer relation and marketing support. This IT passion is connected with another one: accountancy.


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Grzegorz Sperczyński
Grzegorz Rutkowski
Juri Koniwszczynski
Iwona Sperczynska


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