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bookmark7 /10
team - good team
mvp - yes
idea - interesting
competitors - some
market - #Ticketing #Trading
Jun 11th 2018
10 days ago
Jul 12th 2018
in 21 days

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Tixico is a new blockchain option for the people who are interested in acquiring tickets for many types of events like sports or music concerts. It offers fair prices, safe ticking and uses the blockchain technology, which powers the platform and enables it to make transactions that are fast and 100% secure. Tixico works as a safe way for to buy tickets without actually having to go to the official places. If you buy second-hand tickets or acquire them by using the help of third parties, you might be scammed or tricked in some way, so Tixico was created to an anti-fraud way for you to get tickets that are recorded on the blockchain and assigned to an owner. This way, they simply cannot be duplicated.



Normunds Vucāns
CEO & Co-founder
Krists Kreics
Lead Developer & Co-founder
Stefan Esser
Luize Jansone
Reinis Anziķis
Lead Designer
Ainars Kreics
Andrea Nardelli
Technologist & Data Scientist


Brett Richey
CEO at BlitzPredict
Kristaps Mors
CEO at Power Mining
Olafs Saulriets
CEO at Passport Productions


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