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Sep 18th 2017
10 months ago
Oct 21st 2017
9 months ago

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On Gimli, viewers can place bets on game outcomes and challenges created by the streamer they are watching. They can participate in polls, gain social status, vote, tip, and contribute to streamers crowdfunding campaigns using Gimli’s versatile digital token GIM.

In a market where more than 500 Million viewers tune in each month to watch eSport tournaments worldwide, Gimli allows streamers to create transparent and trustless real time betting that does not depend on a third party acting as a bookmaker.

By sharing all revenues with partner streamers, Gimli creates a new way for them to interact with and monetize their large audience, providing an untapped, stable source of revenue. This in turn leads to viral users adoption as streamers promote Gimli to their fans.

Gimli will follow all rules, laws and regulations of each jurisdiction where it operates, and will obtain licenses where necessary. Facilitating remote betting via digital tokens on games of skills is both legal and regulated in most countries. Built and backed by an experienced team of eSport insiders, blockchain developers, and industry contributors, Gimli has built a large partners network of internationally followed streamers and professional gamers who set up Gimli the way they like it, and put their reputations behind it.




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