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bookmark6.5 /10
team - mid-level team
mvp - no
idea - interesting
competitors - some
market - #Platform #Health #Sports
May 15th 2018
2 months ago
Jun 3rd 2018
2 months ago

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TeamMate is a global fitness network created to solve the triple threats of obesity, physical inactivity, and loneliness. In order to help facilitate real-life interaction, TeamMate is building a fitness-oriented mobile application to connect athletes to each other. The TeamMate app and the TeamMate Network will allow users to discover, share, discuss, and explore all aspects of their athletic journeys. Data generated form this process will be owned and monetized by users at their discretion.


Kristopher Floyd
Ryan Hennessey
Isiah Nwukor
Lead Developer
Rick Lemberg
VP of Sales
Cooper Turley
TGE Project Manager


Phil Schlein
Growth Stategist
Michael Clark
Technical Advisor
George Parrish
Business Development
Rick Saletta
Business Advisor


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