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team - mid-level team
mvp - no
idea - interesting
competitors - many
market - #Cryptocurrency #Infrastructure #Platform
Apr 1st 2018
3 months ago
May 30th 2018
22 days ago

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Syntera is the blockchain platform based on sharing economy. We form trust between the participants, using smart contracts for interaction. In this way, we create Syntera Marketplace - the world first platform where customers can buy any goods without intermediaries for cryptocurrency.

The Syntera Vision
- To build a democratic community based on the sharing economic model
- To bring about the financial success of every participant in our community
- To encourage philanthropic activities both within and outside our community

The entire Syntera Ecosystem is composed of 2 groups of services.

-P2P Exchange
-Consensus Platform
-Community Philanthropy

-Smart Delegated Proof of Stake (SDPOS)
-Hedge Mining

The basis of the system is the Syntera Sharing Coin (SSC), provided with mining equipment. Participants buy coins and can dispose of them according to one of the following scenarios:1. Participate in the annual Hedge mining program and receive up to 20% profit per month with the possibility of daily withdrawal;
2. Freeze funds for a year to support the stability of the growth of SSC price. In return, the participant will receive a bonus (airdrop) from the bonus fund. Participants will also be able to votes on projects proposed by the community;
3. Save coins for use in the ecosystem or as an asset that will grow in price.
The combination of these elements allows platform users to effectively use their assets from the first day


Lawrence Kwek
Business Development Officer
Max Saharov
Business Operation Officer
Sze Tho CS
Digital Information Officer
Artem Dushkin
Creative Director
Sujata Liao
Scrum Master
John LaRocco
Blockchain Architect
Denis Shakmin
Algorithmic Trader
Ruslan Popov
Investment Banker


Aleksandr Gavrik
Hedge Fund Partner/Financial Adviser
Ivan Isekeev
Legal Expert


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