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Sep 22nd 2017
10 months ago
Oct 20th 2017
9 months ago

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SynchroLife is finally rewarding food lovers for their valuable content, all using tokens! Users are rewarded tokens for high quality restaurant reviews, food and restaurant photos, corrections and edits to restaurant information, as well as the translation of restaurant information. Users will also receive a percentage of the advertising fee restaurants they've contributed to. With new restaurants opening and closing daily, it's difficult for any one company to centrally maintain and edit this information. SynchroLife's token economy incentives users to help to maintain and grow the decentralized restaurant information database by adding new restaurants, marking closes restaurants, and updating any changed information. SynchroLife learns your food likes and dining preferences from your actions within the app in order to "Synch" with you to make finding a good restaurant fast and easy! Search results, rating timelines, and daily recommendations are all personalized to you.

SynchroCoin tokens will create a new food economy as they are used to reward food lovers for the content, buy digital restaurant coupons, pay for meals at affiliate restaurants, as well as pay for advertising and marketing within SynchroLife. SynchroCoin tokens will be distributed to users based on smart contracts, guaranteeing the tokens are distributed accurately, efficiently, and at low cost. The current beta version of the platform (without blockchain technology and tokens) is available free for download on iOS and Android smart phones via the App Store and Google Play. Please note the Android version is currently undergoing maintenance and was reopened during the first week of July. By bringing blockchain technology and a token-based economy into SynchroLife, we will be able to guarantee users more accurate, trustworthy, and transparent restaurant information than most previous restaurant discovery services have been able to offer, and on a global scale.


Tomochika Kamiya
Hiroshi Mita
Development director
Satoru H.
Blockchain Engineer
Shun Sato
Creative director
Laura Symborski
Chief director
Eunjin Kim


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