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Oct 21st 2017
9 months ago
Oct 27th 2017
9 months ago

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Concept description

Swarm is a fully decentralized capital marketplace platform built on blockchain technology that is entirely owned by the community. Our vision is to allow anyone, anywhere in the world, to participate in the value creation within the crypto asset category and to capture opportunity in new types of asset-backed tokens, anything from distressed real estate to solar installations to rainforest preservation projects and many more. Swarm turns financial opportunities from exclusive into inclusive. Swarm Fund provides the empowerment, access, and tradability so anyone can take part and have their crypto funds work for them.

How does the project create value to the ecosystem

Firstly, Swarm makes it extremely simple for hands-off, or novice crypto contributors to participate in a composite of wealth creation resulting from utilizing the crypto space. Secondly, it creates a viable framework and hub for crypto contributors to contribute into alternative, asset-backed token opportunities, in order to escape market volatility. Lastly, the Swarm platform introduces a new alternative liquidity hub for project owners with attractive underlying economics to find capital and engage with the contributor community. All this is achieved by using collective intelligence through the implementation of liquid democracy and a new process language called Statebox.


Philipp Pieper
Portfolio Manager
Timo Lehes
Joel Dietz
Crypto Veteran
Jelle Herold
Godfather of Smart Contracts
Anton Livaja
Full Stack Developer
Sebastian Romero
Crypto UI/UX Expert
“Jazzwall” Sharad Jaiswal
Full Stack Dev & PM
Chris Eberle
Global Marketing


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