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Jul 11th 2017
6 months ago
Aug 11th 2017
5 months ago


Suretly’s project was launched in June 2016 thanks to the Russian National Research University "Higher School of Economics" business incubator’s support. It also became its first investor. In the fall of 2016, the project team was selected for "Generation S," which is the largest business accelerator in Europe. It became a Financial & Banks Technologies track finalist. Suretly began working on US market penetration in February 2017, and entered Starta Accelerator in New York. Suretly was nominated for the Benzinga Global Fintech Award in the "Best Lending Platform, Tool or App" category in April 2017. It is one of the most prestigious fintech international awards. The main goal of this project is to address the shortcomings of Peer-2-Peer-crediting technology and offer a new mass product to the market for individual investments into micro-loans. Currently, Suretly is focused on short-term loans, which allows investors to take profits within 2-4 weeks from the loan’s issuing date.

Suretly offers an absolutely new financial technology called "Crowdvouching". Unlike Peer-2-Peer lending, Suretly’s investors do not loan money to borrowers directly. They only vouch (or co-sign) for them in small amounts (from $2 to $10 USD) for a commission. On crowdvouching platforms investors get their income at the moment the loan is issued. They guarantee to repay part of it later in the case of the borrower defaulting. Suretly is not a direct lender. All the loans are issued by lending partners, which are licensed micro-financing organizations. They offer their borrowers a new lending product, which is called "Crowdvouched loans". Each borrower needs to provide a few dozen guarantors in order to get such a loan. Each guarantor assumes responsibility for repaying a small part of this loan in the case of the borrower’s default. Thus, Suretly’s users (vouchers) act as a collective body in making a decision on the approval or denial of a loan’s issue.

The Suretly application is already launched in Russia. It is available for downloading in Apple Store and Google Play. It is scheduled to be launched in Kazakhstan by the end of second quarter, 2017. It will be launched in the USA during the third quarter, 2017.


Eugene Lobachev
Anna Paulova
Svetlana Eydelman
Vlad Zubarev
Business development & Advising
Andrey Zverev
Business development & Advising
Konstantin Vishnivetsky
Lead developer


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