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Jun 27th 2017
a year ago
Aug 1st 2017
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SunContract's goal is to contribute to greater independence when it comes to energy, finance and mobility. SunContract joins together Independent Power Producers and Consumers. They connect to the decentralized energy market platform through SunContract mobile APP. All funds and their allocations will be public and you will be able to monitor them in real time. SunContract’s disruptive model joins the best features of blockchain technology (5T) and renewable energy (5D) to create an entirely new service. Security is their number one priority. We have several security experts in our team.

Capital required to launch the SunContract platform will be secured through a crowdfunding campaign - SunContract token sale. By participating in the token sale you will receive SNC tokens. As the only crypto currency we accept on the token sale is Ether, we decided to fix the amount of SNCs to the Ethers we gather. The basis for token issuance is set at a ratio of 10.000 SNCs per 1 ETH. SNC coin will be an Ethereum based token of value, which gives us stability and security. SNC coin has a real value attached to it in the form of digital electricity.


Gregor Novak
Co-founder, CEO
Mojca Bajec
Co-founder, CFO
Martina Gabor
Mitja Blatnik
Project manager
Andraz Verdev
Blockchain ecosystem
Klemen Stopar
Energy ecosystem
Ales Kroflic
Numerical analysis
Luka Pusic
Information security
Jernej Blaj
SunContract middle east
YingDong Xu
SunContract China
Ales Frece
Software engineer
Rok Gornik
Community manager
Katja Ogrin
SunContract Massachusetts


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