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Oct 12th 2017
a month ago
Oct 31st 2017
19 days ago

Storiqa — a marketplace with a wide range of functions for effective sales in the world of a new digital economy. The use of blockchain- technologies destroys the boundaries between sellers and buyers, allowing the creation of a unique open trading platform with infinite growth potential.

At the moment, the project is at the final MVP release stage. Presently, business owners already have the tools to open their own stores and create lists of goods to sell, with filtering and shopping cart functionality available and the checkout algorithm soon to be completed. As Storiqua expand their client base and attract more investments, the project will keep gaining more and more useful tools and features that will make Storiqa the most user-friendly online store constructor solution available.

Keeping in line with the cutting edge in the e-commerce field, Storiqa will be running all transactions exclusively as smart contracts to ensure maximum security (as the seller will receive the funds only when the buyer confirms the delivery). Moreover, in the future, the platform will be further augmented by Android and iOS customer apps that will make shopping a quick and simple experience. In addition, we also plan to introduce multicurrency wallets with an option to shop using the cryptocurrency that is independent from any fluctuations of the fiat currency exchange rates. Storiqa will make “2-click” purchases possible in any part of the world.


Ruslan Tugushev
Founder, CEO
Evgeny Gavrilin
Co-founder, Head of Sales
Nadiya Cherkasova
Anton Alekseenko
Head of PR
Pavel Maltsev
Project Manager
Sergey Prilutskiy
Blockchain Developer


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