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team - good team 

mvp - no 

idea - usual 

competitors - many 

market - #ecommerce #publishing

Jan 21st 2018
6 months ago
Feb 21st 2018
5 months ago

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Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringement Blockchain Service is the world’s first decentralized service to detect counterfeits and infringements of intellectual property rights. Producers of goods and content can attract a multi-million army of producers from all over the world to search for counterfeits and pirated material. Any person having a smartphone or a PC can take a photo, make a video or a screenshot and send it to right holders in exchange for payment. STFCoin is the currency used on our site, and smart contracts and Blockchain are based on Ethereum platform.
Our service will help big companies reduce the cost of maintaining staff responsible for fighting against infringements of intellectual rights. Small enterprises will now be able to stand up against criminals more efficiently. 


Mikhail Krzhanovskiy
Igor Salikov
Aleksandr Suvorov
Chief Business Development Officer
Dmitry Kostachev
Chief Technology Officer
Aleksey Zhunin
Lead Backend and Blockchain Developer
Olga Belyakova
Chief Marketing Officer
Maria Dvoryanchikova
Chief Communications Officer
Maksim Kononenko
Social Media Community Manager


Mikhail Gorshkov
Yevgenii Okhotskii
Vladimir Sokolov
Igor Slabykh
Andrey Zolin


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