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Oct 29th 2017
9 months ago
Dec 31st 2017
7 months ago

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Gaming/gambling on stocks is big business.  It is limited only by regulations.  IG Group, and are only some of the companies that provide financial betting, but they suffer all of the problems with online gambling sites.  Despite being limited mainly to the UK, IG Group is one of the largest firms in the UK.


According to Boston University Law Review, trading stocks is gambling. Investing is a myth, as the average holding period is 4 months. According to The Economist and CNBC, the Chinese see little difference between stocks and casinos. Consequently, the amount of gambling activity in stocks is unsurpassed. Vegas and Macao are peons.


Stock market professionals gamble billions every year.  According to them, what is missing is social competition, where they know who they are betting against.


Unlike other token offerings, we already have working software. Check out BullBear on, which enables players to bet against each other, using free "chips", on CryptoCurrencies and thousands of stocks and ETFs.


The plan is: 1) build a platform and API, so that we and any 3rd party developer can add games to StockBet; 2) replace the use of "chips" with tokens; 3) enable affiliates to drive traffic.


Token sale will fund the following roadmap with each milestone securing the development of additional components and games for players:


1.  Platform, API, tokens

2.  Convert BullBear onto the Blockchain

3.  Gamify these onto the Blockchain:

     *  Derivatives

  •          *  Financial Spread Betting
  •          *  Contract For Difference

     *  Binary Options

4.  Add:

     *  StockBracket / CryptoBracket

     *  StockPool / CryptoPool

     *  SurvivorStock / SurvivorCrypto

     *  StockDerby / CryptoDerby


Please read our white paper for more information.


Curt Wu
Founder & CEO
will Farrell
Co-Founder & Lead Developer
Peter Tsirlis


Geoff Kidder
Kevin Kimsa
Nathan Tanner


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