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team - good team
mvp - no 
idea - interesting
competitors - few 
market - #sport

Nov 21st 2017
6 months ago
Dec 8th 2017
6 months ago

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SportyFi - Decentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem

SportyFi will enable a wider community to invest in sport, an industry worth $1.3 trillion with constant growth. By disrupting the existing model for financing participants in sport, SportyFi will allow the sports community to raise funds globally and will open a new chapter in the sports industry.


Marko FIlej
Co-founder, CEO
Simon Zgavec
Co-founder, Legal & Compliance
Tomaz Cepon
Co-founder, COO
Amir Huskic
Blaz Carli
Lead Developer


Charlie Shrem
Bitcoin Pioneer
Peter M Moricz
Blockchain Business Developement Advisor


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