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Jun 15th 2017
a year ago
Jun 18th 2017
a year ago

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Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining

The purpose of the SONM project is to provide safe and cost efficient way to run general purpose computing workloads from game servers to scientific calculations using a free market place. SONM's secure and cost-effective fog supercomputer is designed for general-purpose computing, from mobile app hosting to video rendering to DNA analysis. Miners all over the world can leverage their idle computer power to become part of the SONM network.

SONM is a decentralized worldwide fog supercomputer for general purpose computing from site hosting to scientific calculations. SONM company is an effective way to solve a worldwide problem - creating a multi-purpose decentralized computational power market. Unlike widespread centralized cloud services, SONM project implements a fog computing[1] structure – a decentralized pool of devices, all of which are connected to the internet (IoT / Internet of Everything). IoT/IoE, as an important part of the available computational power in the world, is one of the key directions of work for the SONM project.


Sergey Ponomarev
Founder, creator of SONM multi-agent and blockchain technologies
Andrey Voronkov
Anton Tiurin
Lead SONM P2P and PaaS technology developer
Max Taldykin
Smart-contract and SONM DAO developer
Jake Vartanian
SONM adviser


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