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Mar 5th 2018
3 months ago
Mar 31st 2018
3 months ago

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Have you heard about the "Smart House" technology?

The project " Sol Invictus "is a"Smart farm"!

The "Sol Invictus" project is an opportunity for the personnel to use Blockchain technology in the process of technological management of the most advanced agricultural production methodologies!

The project "Sol Invictus is an opportunity for Investors (Shareholders) to track the result of their capital investments in real time!


The highly integrated agro-complex
«Sol Invictus»



A task: The creation of a fully autonomous deep-integrated agro-industrial livestock complex with full cycle of production of dairy products, meat products and sausage products, vegetables, mushrooms and fish, with a maximum recycling of waste. Associated option - construction of prefabricated structures. (including residential buildings for employees of the agricultural complex and objects of social infrastructure / kindergarten, school, medical center)

The solution of the task: erection of buildings and technical facilities for this complex starting from the "zero" level, equipped with technological capacities, qualified personnel and autonomous communications infrastructure.

Goal: creation of a wide range of high-quality food products with a minimum production cost for the ability to meet consumer demand and maximize profits in a competitive market.

The total result: Creation of a highly profitable production enterprise with a full cycle of restoring the raw material base and retailing network.

Presence of own retail network, will allow to satisfy needs in realization of finished products.
Own retail network is a guarantee of sales of products and an indicator of the balance between production and consumption!





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