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team - small team
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idea - interesting
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market - #banking
Jan 24th 2018
6 months ago
Feb 7th 2018
5 months ago

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The vision and mission of the SME Banking Platform will be implemented along these lines: 

1. The Micro finance Bank This will be licensed entity, and its business will mainly encompass micro-lending to micro and small businesses and individuals , who have lacked the requisite capital to build and expand their small enterprises. This business line will employ the Grameen Model, named after the famous Grameen Micro finance Bank of Bangladesh. Also, under the bank, we will have an online crowd-funding portal where some of the small businesses are. People who have the desire to help any of the small businesses can make a contribution on the site. The funds come to us in accordance with our business plan for funding businesses. The donors will get their money back with a certain fixed interest on a monthly installment basis. This is another way to expand our financing sources.

2. The Digital Bank 

SME Banking Platform will operate a digital banking business. KYC requirements. KYC requirements. This account will have a regular account number as well as a cryptocurrency wallet for our SME Token. This will enable users to save money, and do fast and cost-effective money transfers using both fiat and cryptocurrencies .

3. The Decentralized Money Remittance Business 

We will offer a decentralized money remittance service which will enable users to send and receive money globally. ERC-20 token, SME. This will enable the over 30 million Africans to live around the world. These remittances are valued at over $ 50 Billion annually. 

4. The Micro-payments Application for Small Businesses 

The SME Banking Platform will work on building an online gateway that is mainly suited for micro and small businesses, enabling them with a non-complicated technology to accept online payments for their products and services. It will also have capabilities for some basic accounting functions.


Ehi Okogbenin
Founder/Lead Project Manager
Victor Faramond
Blockchain Engineer/Architect
Andy Okogbenin
Web Developer/Growth Hack Strategist


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