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Mar 30th 2018
4 months ago
May 1st 2018
3 months ago

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Smart Valley - an innovation-driven community of founders, experts, and investors


Every investor wants to be the first to discover the next AirBnB or Dropbox. However, it’s almost impossible to see a unicorn among hundreds of mediocre, undercooked projects and scams. Smart Valley has a solution - a decentralized ecosystem where key market players generate innovation together.


Smart Valley is a powerful system for ICO project assessment and development. We have it all – a cutting-edge scoring tool, a global community of top-class experts, and outstanding opportunities for investors.  We have designed a solution that helps select only the best projects, build dream teams, and launch legal and secure ICOs. Smart Valley is a platform that can revolutionize the industry, defeat scams once and for all, and nurture visionary ideas. We will find unicorns for you - all you have to do is vote and invest in them!

Smart Valley is happy to announce that token presale has started on December 1!

Join early and increase your chances of finding a unicorn startup - if you buy SVT tokens before December 10, you will get a fantastic 20% bonus. On December 11, Stage 1 of the ICO will begin, and the token bonus will drop to 10%. Remember: by purchasing our tokens early, you get privileged access to all projects on our platform – and some of them may become the next AirBnB or Spotify!


Our investors can expect token growth rates of up to x25 in less than a year, according to the estimates by ICOLab, the ICO consulting company behind Smart Valley. SVT tokens will be in high demand because we provide services that the blockchain industry desperately needs: a way to discover the true potential of a project, get rid of scams, provide experts in the industry with exciting jobs. And of course – we want to help founders with best ideas to launch legal, top-quality ICOs. Visit our website and learn more about the SVT token.


Why our solution is unique


According to statistics, almost 60% of ICOs do not achieve even 75% of their token distribution target. Put simply, most ICOs fail. Investors do not know how to distinguish between good projects and scams – they choose the wrong project, lose money, and decide not to participate in ICOs in the future.


The Smart Valley solution is both groundbreaking and simple: projects have to be evaluated by experts, and the results have to be transparent. We have designed a advanced decentralized scoring system: projects are scored on multiple criteria by experts in a number of fields, from marketing to law. A demo version of the scoring tool is already available on our website - try it now!


Our scoring system means no more scams, no more undercooked ideas and weak business models. Only the best projects can pass the assessment. All scoring results are recorded on the blockchain and cannot be faked.


Smart Valley does much more for projects than just evaluate them, however. Our experts provide detailed feedback and recommendations to founders, acting as advisors. This way, those projects that have successfully passed the scoring can further refine and fine-tune their product, ensuring an even better outcome of the ICO; while projects that fall a bit short of the mark can use our expertise to build a better strategy.


Thanks to the scoring tool, Smart Valley investors will get access to secure ICO investments with the highest growth potential. Tokens of many such projects will be available to investors in our Token Store with an amazing x5 bonus! Here you can learn more
about the advantages we offer.



Nick Evdokimov

CEO of ICObox,

Blockchain professional,

Launched more than 40

Successful ICOs


Grigory Avetov 

Organizer of Global

Synergy Forums in

Moscow and New York

with more than 20 000



Alex Fork 

CEO at Humaniq, Founder of Future Fintech Accelerator, 4 years of blockchain experience, author of the first book about Bitcoin in Russia




Alexey Voronin

Founder of Smart Valley

Founder at Zeus crypto

exchange, Co-Founder at

ICO Lab Fund, Best business

coach in Russia in 2016-2017


Alexander Ruchiov

President of Osnova

Group, Famous Top

Manager of Russian real

estate development sector

from Forbes list


Sergey Ruchiov

CEO of informational technologies and innovations of "Fiztehpark", co-founder of the online translation agency "" (company's name was changed to ABBYY Language Services after strategic investor had joined it)

CEO of ELN "Rating Agency for Evaluation of Digital Economy Projects".


Vladimir Zhiganov

Managing partner at ICO Lab,

CEO and Co-founder of "DNK

Business", Legal support and

financial audit expert


Valentin Livkin

CTO, Blockchain Architect,

Head of software

developers group with 12

years experience in IT


Vladimir Marinovich


Ex-CEO of Gett,

shareholder at Gett,

business experience of

more than 25 years


Vadim Chupin 

Blockchain engineer

with 7 years of experience

in strategic and operational

consulting. B.Eng. degree in Robotics @BMSTU and M.A. degree in Finance @NRNU MEPHI


Vladimir Manzuk

System analyst, winner of a

number of blockchain

competitions – BlockChainHack,

LaToken Hackaton, ETHWaterloo


Eugene Fedorov

Blockchain and fullstack developer with rich expirience in backend development


Konstantin Zhukov

Senior software developer with 6 years experience in highload .NET applications


Maksim Zakharov 

Developer with experience in cloud application development


Maksim Guryev 

QA engineer with expirience in security testing of billing systems


Andrey Denisyuk 

Project manager with expirience of launching start-ups in fintech area

The amazing benefits of our assessment tools will not be limited to Smart Valley. Our expert scoring will be provided to projects developed by our key partners – the crowdfunding platform KICKICO and the ICO facilitator ICOBox. Moreover, we have already signed partnerships with a number of leading startup accelerators across the U.S. and Europe, as well as an agreement with the Technological Park of the Moscow State Institute of Physics and Technology. All the startups developed by these accelerators will now be scored by Smart Valley. This way, even more investors across the industry will get access to safe ICOs with the best growth potential.


Smart Valley does not just help investors select the most attractive and safe projects. Our platform will allow project founders to build a perfect team. Inside our ecosystem, projects and experts can find each other, too! The best professionals in all areas of high-tech business will offer their services – from smart contract development to marketing, from finance to web design. If you are an expert in your field, Smart Valley can offer you a global outreach and unprecedented job opportunities. If you would like to participate as an expert, please register


We see our project as far exceeding the limits of an ICO services platform. Smart Valley is, first and foremost, a hi-tech community, a complete ecosystem, an ideal space for personal and professional development. We strive to create new jobs, train a new generation of leaders, and make a real, deep, and long-lasting positive change.

Join the Valley


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For all requests, proposals, and media enquiries,  please contact us at


Do not miss the presale! Remember - the 20% bonus offer only lasts till December 10!

With Smart Valley, you can take part in visionary projects that will transform the future. The right moment to join is now!



Nick Evdokimov
CEO of ICObox
Grigory Avetov
Organizer of Global Synergy Forums
Alex Fork
CEO at Humaniq


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