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Jul 25th 2017
a year ago
Aug 1st 2017
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Slogn is leveraging blockchain technology for $700 billion (per year) strong US trucking industry. With over 400K trucking companies, 20K freight brokers, 1.8 million drivers and many software applications it is impossible for suppliers and carriers to connect and collaborate on a single platform to share data and optimize resources for the benefit of everyone. Deadhead miles alone are costing each truck $5k per year in losses.

Slogn platform enables many players and software providers in the industry to connect, collaborate and consolidate using blockchain and artificial intelligence. Founded by seasoned technology and trucking industry experts, SLOGN is a high level open source platform and marketplace that contains cryptocurrency wallets, multilayered node software, blockchain connector SDKs, wizards for visual design of smart contracts on mobile or desktop and works on blockchain. US Trucking industry needs significant innovation for transparency, efficiency, and accountability. SLOGN is set to transform logistics through open source solutions that everyone can take, use and contribute to.


Govind Singh
Product Strategy/ Past Trucking
Ihor Pidruchny
Product Design
Nanak Singh
Industry Relations
Andrew Zubko


Eugene Ciurana
Business Advisory


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