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Nov 6th 2017
8 months ago
Dec 6th 2017
7 months ago

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A decentralised investment platform, that enables retail traders, hedge funds & investment banks to build, test & deploy Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence investment models.

Sharpe platform decentralises the things that matter - sentiment analysis, public trading ledgers & verification of performance. Model execution & management of data are contained within core platform.


Lewis Barber
Co-Founder & CEO
James Butler, PhD
Co-Founder & CIO
Ali Javed Darugar, LLB, LLM
Legal Counsel
German Leonov, PhD
Quantitative Modelling Expert
Mieke Vandenbroucke, BA, MA, PhD
Linguistic Anthropologist


Lexi Gao, GDL, LLM
International Legal Advisor


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