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bookmark7 /10
team - good team
mvp - yes
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #ExchangeNetwork
Jul 1st 2018
in 11 days
Aug 1st 2018
in a month

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Send Protocol is directly addressing a multi-billion dollar market: migrant workers sending money back to their home countries.

It has a solid, real-world use case, and an already working product, WeSend (the first Dapp built on Send) has with more than 80,000 registered users, and a partner network offering 70,000 points of payment in Latin America.

The Send Token (SDT) is designed to be a semi-stable token with a recognized USD reference price, which is fixed during a calendar week. The weekly consensus price is determined by a logarithmic function measuring the network’s liquidity. The price of the token slowly rises as real-world adoption increases, driving real value through real demand. By taking both volatility and speculation out of the equation, SDT can indeed serve as a medium of exchange.

It is one of the very first ICOs coming from Latin America.


Camilo Jimenez
Chief Executive Officer
Francisco Córdoba
Chief Visionary Officer


Marcio Abreu
Chief Technology Officer


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