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bookmark8 /10
team - strong team
mvp - yes
idea - interesting
competitors - few
market - #education
Dec 19th 2017
5 months ago
Dec 20th 2017
5 months ago

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SelfSell platform was convinced from the theory of human capital investment.

SelfSell empower youngsters to have more resources to make encouraging future in the beginning times of their lives. The financing utilized in their education, training, physical and other fields.It also urges society to participate in public welfare undertaking through the economic behavior of investors, and those who have an limitless potential in future life after a brief storm and return a bright future for themselves and their investors.

SelfSell is a helpful complement to the logic of investments return to the people themself, because people play decisive role in business project rather than material assets.

SelfSell enables people to understand their fantasies through individual IPO.

From a risk point of view, SelfSell is like automatic transfer of investments in early failed projects to his next project. SelfSell's speculations don't have zero rate of return as long as they are contributed to keep working and living.


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