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team - good team
mvp - no
idea - interesting
competitors - some
market - #Infrastructure
Apr 15th 2018
3 months ago
May 27th 2018
2 months ago

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Seal is the best way for anyone to check if a product is genuine or fake. Seal combines NFC chips, which are embedded into physical products, the Seal app, and the Seal Network to provide a fast, simple, and secure way to provide products authenticity and other services. 

By facilitating a secure tokenized version of a physical product, Seal allows product-specific services to operate such as transferring ownership, theft prevention, insurance, but also brand activation campaigns and product analytics. 

Seal lets brands earn money every time their products change owners. For the first time in history, brands can earn money from items sold through the secondhand trade, while simultaneously protecting their markets from counterfeiters. 



Bart Verschoor
CEO/ Founder
Joris Verschoor
CTO & COO / Founder
Michael de Blok
Vice President
Alexandra Moraga Pizarro
Blockchain / Quantum Security Engineer
Caterina Moraga Pizarro
Senior executive advisor
Yuri Scholte
Business Development Manager
Kian Ghiri
marketing strategist / content manager
Desley Mooij
marketing / business analist
Joel Happe
seal ambassador
Willem Nauta
social media platform manager
Connor McKitrick
community manager
Adil Haritah
blockchain engineer


Cees Geel
Strategy Advisor High-Tech Ventures
Max Blom Sr.
Sr. Negotiation / Brands
Petri Kuivala
Strategy / Security / Semiconductors
Esther Jacobs
Brand Protection


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