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Sep 18th 2017
9 months ago
Oct 18th 2017
8 months ago

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Sand Coin is the first project in offline sector that launches ICO. During open and close Pre-ICO stages, for 6 days and 12 hours respectively, the company got 1500 ETH contributed.

One sandcoin (SND) equals a cubic meter of construction sand. During the crowdsale stage the SND price is $1.25–1,35, while the market price of a cubic meter of construction sand is $5–5,5. This makes it confident to predict the growth of the SND in the early days of entering the exchange and the equalization of the SND price with the market price of construction sand to the beginning of the quarry development. There will be issued 3 170 000 SND during ICO campaign.

Project reference:

The blockchain call option Sand Coin based on Etherium is backed by cubic meters of construction sand. The source of nonmetallic materials is a promising sand quarry, located 60 kilometres from Moscow and 10 kilometres from the construction of the Central Ring Road exit.

The development plans are based on the growing demand for nonmetallic materials in the Moscow region. There are a lot of infrastructure transport facilities to be launched: roads, railroads, highways, and new residential areas. Current mining situation makes it all difficult. Therefore, in the two-year perspective of the project there will be a second quarry for sand mining.


Ruslan Pichugin
Grachkov Kirill
Eduard Egorov
Eugene Khashin


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