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Oct 22nd 2017
9 months ago
Dec 7th 2017
8 months ago

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The SAAVcoin token is the currency that powers "Agamé". Agamé is a virtual world set in feudal Europe, featuring historically-appropriate battling clans and barbarian tribes. It uses military forces and strategy from that era; players will have the ability to accumulate goods such as consumables, buildings, and military resources, over time. An in-game open market allows trading with other players.

Agamé will be playable in a web browser, or using native apps on all major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux). The game will be free to enter; players will be able to purchase or trade items within the game using "gold", purchased using a SAAV-issued cryptocurrency called SAAVcoin, traded on the Ethereum network.

SAAVcoins (SAAV) are digital assets acting as the premium in-game currency in Agamé. SAAVcoin will be issued in a limited supply of 1 billion units at an initial price of $.01 per SAAV with 75% of the total supply being offering during the SAAVcoin Token Sale. You must be registered to take part in the token sale (ICO); 


Shawn Gordon
CEO and co-founder
Andrew Jackman
Software Engineer and co-founder
Oleksandr Iakovliev
Software Architect and co-founder
Vali Draganescu
Software Engineer and co-founder


Joe Roets
Chief Architect, Founder, CEO at Dragonchain, Inc.
Andrew Wertheim
Sr. Analyst for Walt Disney Company.
Paul Taffel
Over 30 years experience in software, product development, and technical writing.
Randy Johnson
Finance and Sales Executive with multiple Fortune 500 companies.


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