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Nov 1st 2017
8 months ago
Dec 1st 2017
7 months ago


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Rockchain is building a data processing infrastructure for the Ethereum Blockchain. Rockchain doesn't move any data: it distributes the data intelligence to the data. Any computation, static data or stream, is dealt with in accordance with detailed privacy requirements maintained on Ethereum. Within such a framework providing a new kind of interoperability, new massive scale business opportunities could emerge: distributed intelligence; a “collective cloud services” where the global network is a distributed consensus rather than clone-like cloud providers; new billing models for entertainment or work.

The “distributed cloud” is not about dispatching those computations that can be fragmented in independent pieces, as for scientific computing. Rather, it is about building a global orchestration of previously untrusted cloud components that can now collaborate, scale together, ensure failover scenario. That’s what Rockchain focuses on. Rockchain is architectured for data privacy and extreme usability: it only requires a few lines of code to add micro-payments on any service hosted on a Docker image. Rockchain is adding a software layer on cloud containers to provide economical collaboration features.


Sébastien Jehan
CEO & Rockchain Inventor
Yosra Helal
Blockchain developer
Aayush Anand
Technical coordinator & cloud architect
Mélanie Hadj Hamou
Community Manager
Oscar Luis Blanco Brito
GO developer
Karim Mabrouk
GO developer
Cyrine Baccar
BI & Python developer
Miguel Angel
Go developer
Regis Gourdel
GO and crypto developer


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