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Jul 24th 2017
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Sep 10th 2017
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The Rivetz ecosystem

Rivetz is a state-of-the-art toolkit for harnessing the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to protect your secrets, your finances, and your privacy. It's like a hidden vault (already embedded in most phones) that no OS or software can eavesdrop on.

Only Rivetz Provides Assurance

Only Rivetz utilizes the hardware security embedded in devices! Rivetz truly secures customers' devices and transactions from being exposed, and protects software development companies from financial exposure and public embarrassment.

The trusted execution environment

Think of the TEE as a private “vault” inside your phone’s hardware – but instead of software (like apps and iOS/Android), it’s already built into your phone (the hardware). Inside of this vault, everything is isolated. No apps or software or operating system can see what’s inside. This could be your secrets, your passwords, keys, or any other private information.

RvT: The Rivet token

Rivetz uses the RvT token and blockchain to cryptographically prove that the vault in your phone is secure, all the way from the manufacturer to your pocket. The RvT blockchain can perform a health check, verifying that your vault’s integrity is intact, and that transactions you send are exactly the ones you intended. Fundamentally, RvT creates an ecosystem for cybersecurity micropayments. Your banks use RvT to verify identify for withdrawing funds. Your local store uses RvT to protect its supply chain. Through RvT, everyday society and actions are securely powered by the blockchain.

Attestation, health and integrity

The Rivetz system binds the health and integrity of the device to a transaction. When you make an important transaction, the device’s health is checked against its healthy condition. Have malware on your phone? Connected to a malicious WiFi hotspot? Rivetz ensures that your transaction will not go through until your device health is restored and it can proceed safely.

Bringing it together

Proof of ownership of the RvT token private key will allow forensic proof that the transactions were completed from a known device. The blockchain maintains proof that you connected to the services you intended to connect to, and that your device passed the require security tests. This can work in everything from the most basic applications – such as the verification that a private message is actually private – to identity verification in banking or enterprise.


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