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team - good team

mvp - yes 

idea - good 

competitors - low 

market - #sharingeconomy

Dec 5th 2017
7 months ago
Dec 11th 2017
7 months ago

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Rexpax is going to become the largest platform for items' sharing in the world. It gives you access to items without the burden of owning them. Sharing economy is the philosophy of the project that lets lend, sell, borrow, rent out, give away and share items with your neighbors. Rexpax is the World's First Home Online. Distribute all items in your home into virtual “shelves” and “rooms”, so that your neighbor feels free to lend them from you and vice versa. You both win, the neighbor can get use of an item without having to own it. You get an opportunity to earn a little extra on what you already have. Within ICO, Rexpax will release a cryptographic token, REXX, as a currency for in-platform payments. Rexpax users will also be able to earn cryptocurrency REXX for adding items and services, renting, sharing, inviting, and signing up new users, and adding comments and recommendations. Rexpax. World without locks.


Mikhail Siaredzich
CEO, Founder
Artem Barouski
COO, Co-founder
Aliaksandr Vasiliuk
Dmitry Kholadau
CFO, Co-founder
Dmitry Haudur
Andrei Korniushko
CFO< Co-founder


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