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team - good team 

mvp - no 

idea - usual 

competitors - many 

market - #ecommerce

Nov 7th 2017
7 months ago
Dec 7th 2017
6 months ago

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reOrder Technologies Inc. is a company registered in Colorado, USA. Since 2016 our mission is to increase the economic efficiency of stores, bars, cafes and restaurants by using payment terminals and other smart devices, connected to cloud system. In 2017 we are introducing the reOrder blockchain technology and ability to use cryptocurrencies, which allows our clients to increase the sales and efficiency of retail enterprises such as stores, bars, restaurants, hotels trough:

  • Fast and cheap processing transactions

  • Developing loyalty programs for the retail customers

  • Internal business accounting realization

  • Creation of a transparent and personalized advertising for terminals


Serge Shilnov


Eugeny Mityaev


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